Admission Announcement for 2024

We seek application from the prospective learners for enrolling into the classes from Play Group to Eight this year. Admission into other classes will be opened in the next year. The admission for the academic year 2024 opens from 1st November 2023. Please contact with the school administration for the admission form. Filled-up application must be submitted to the school administration before the deadline. As the seats are limited (20 seats per grade/section) you are requested to contact the school administration as early as possible.

Admission Requirements

Boys and girls both can apply for admission into any grade. For the high number of application, lottery will be one of the criteria for selection against the reserved seats this year. However learner’s present academic performance test will be conducted during or after the admission so that the learner’s improvement or progress can be tracked and shared with the parents in the future. The educational qualification and age-grade recruitment for admission is given below:


Grade Age* Educational Qualification Boys/Girls Seats* Availability
Play-Jui 4-5* yrs N/A Both 20 0
Play-Rose 4-5* yrs N/A Both 20 2
Nursery-Sun 5-6 yrs N/A Both 20 0
Nursery-Moon 5-6 yrs N/A Both 20 7
Class-1-Shapla 6-7 yrs N/A Both 20 0
Class-1-Padmo 6-7 yrs N/A Both 20 3
Class-2 7-8 yrs Class 1 Passed Both 20 Open
Class-3 8-9 yrs Class 2 Passed Both 20 Open
Class-4 9-10 yrs Class 3 Passed Both 20 Open
Class-6 11-12 yrs Class 5 Passed Both 20 Open
Class-7 12-13 yrs Class 6 Passed Both 20 Open
Class-8 13-14 yrs Class 7 Passed Both 20 Open
Class-9 14-15 yrs Class 8 Passed Both 20 Open
Class-10 15-16 yrs Class 9 Passed Both 20 Next Year
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Required Documents for admission

  1.  Photocopies of birth registration certificate of the learner;
  2.  Two copies of recent passport size photographs of the learner;
  3.  Photocopy of National ID Card/Birth Certificate of parents;
  4.  Two copies of recent passport size photographs of parent;
  5. Testimonials/transfer certificate (if applicable).

Every learner must submit the required certificates and other documents at the time of admission. Applicants who are not able to produce one or more documents at the time of admission may be admitted provisionally. All provisionally admitted students are required to submit appropriate documents within a given deadline as a prerequisite for admission. If you have further query regarding the admission please contact us directly or using the contact us form.

More about Learner’s Performance Test

The learner’s academic performance test is a simple test for the prospective learners who want to get admission in the school. There is no pass or fail in this test but the performance test is very important for the betterment of the learners. The test helps teachers to identify the  type of academic support is strongly needed for the learners to improve their competencies on five critical aspects of learning like phonemic awareness, letter knowledge, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension as per their grade or age level. A class teacher take the test in the presence of parents. The test result is discussed with parents in the same day but no result sheet is given to the parents for it. The performance test record is preserved in the student’s personal profile.


* Age requirement may be relaxed for the Play to Nursery grades. Admission may depend on the seats vacant per grade.