U nited Standard School aims at providing quality education, especially the primary education by creating a learner friendly school environment, cordial teacher-learner relationship with innovation in teaching learning materials. It seeks excellence in quality education, but ensuring quality of education is not an easy task. It is not a process of a day to achieve its goal rather it is an endavour that will continue year after year as because time moves ahead with new dimension and demand of education.

We want to develop five core things of a learner viz. sound academic progress, engagement in co-curriculum activities, positive change in social-moral behaviour and attitude-habits in the context of Bangladesh. It is not an easy task to achieve these things but we want to work with these fundamental elements of education or as comprehensive outcome of education. We believe that if five things are provided quality of education will be ensured. This is not the last words. Nurturing and caring give perfectness. However, life skills among the learners to be developed so as to learners adjust themselves with their surroundings and be a ideal human being.

Every learner has potentiality that needs to be explored through academic activities and engagement in co-curriculum activities in the school settings. They will learn through engagement as because they will be keen to learn new things. They need time to think. In doing so we will try to develop learning spirit among the learners though it is challenging one to implement. We encourage learners not to memorize rather teach them to learn how to think and write. We encourage children to take the lesson as an another tool of fun. This is why our preschool enrichment activities are based on exposure, exploration and discovery. This fun, creative approach boosts the confidence to try new things and discover new learning.

Key Features of the School

  • 20 seats in each class
  • 2 seats per bench
  • Walking space around the class
  • Multimedia class room
  • Communicative English practice
  • Transportation facility
  • Computer lab & Play zone
  • Lesson-based teaching-learning materials
  • Trained teachers
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Well-decorated classroom and school environment
  • Research and innovation unit.

We believe in providing a safe, inclusive setting that supports, encourages and inspires each learner towards learning which will give a space to think deeply and differently.  We encourage an attitude of learning differently. This is why the teaching and learning are interactive and the mutual relationship between teacher and learner is one of the key element of success. Children are given opportunities to explore themselves. Learning is not limited to reading and writing but it also goes far beyond it.

USS teachers create a learning environment that allows students ample opportunities for development of creative thinking, critical thinking and problem-solving skills through life skill lessons in addition to the main curriculum. We believe that children are unique in their pathways of learning. So, we treat them differently. Providing multiple ways for learners to learn new concepts add a wonderful and joyful schooling experience which learners will remember and enrich themselves.