Our multidimensional academic programs free students from conventional boundaries, allowing them to learn deeply from many perspectives. They can explore courses across school activities and become immersed in multiple areas of learning related to their areas of interest along with the text books. The benefits of this academic freedom are enormous.

By stretching yourself beyond traditional academic pathways, you will grow intellectually and creatively, expand your problem-solving capabilities, and become prepared to cope with the complex world. Learners’ critical thinking skills will be honed through prototype innovative solutions and receive firsthand experience through seminar-style and project-based learning. At the new school, our rigorous academic approach goes beyond developing scholarly knowledge to help you uncover and actualize your passion and vision. Ultimately, learners will build a unique path that will forever change the way they investigate and create throughout the life.

Our Classes
We offer Play to Class Ten and open for both boys and girls. For details see the admission page.

Text Books and Medium of Instruction
It is a Bangla medium school. It follows government’s NCTB books. Teaching instruction in the class is given in Bangla language. The English subject class is conducted fully in English. However, Priority has also been given to communicative English language through co-curriculum activities. A sound foundation of English language is given to all students through different techniques.

Our renowned class teachers create active partnerships with students. They are trained and continuous receiving learning for the shake of providing a good teaching. They are leading intellectuals and practitioners in their fields, bringing scholarship, experience, and collaboration to the classroom. They advise learners and parents about career paths and invite them to join their projects or help in designing by their own.

Our Approach
Our multidimensional academic approach fosters critical thinking and creative problem solving. At the  school, a place where hard work and supportive assistance, students are afforded the freedom to explore and chart a unique course of study. Through our integrated curriculum, students can pursue multiple pathways and disciplines. Our approach to advising means learners have one place to go for academic and career help later on. Learners will receive ongoing, holistic support from professional academic and career advisors who work with you as you design your personalized degree pathways and prepare to effect change in the world after graduation.

Library and Computer Lab
The school has a library and computer lab for the students and teachers. The school’s labs, centers, facilities provide creative, collaborative spaces that extend academic exploration and creative development beyond the classroom. Students work side by side with regular academic activities to generate groundbreaking work that challenges traditional approaches to problems and their solutions.

School Management
In keeping with our school’s overall mission and vision, the school offers a unique approach to management and entrepreneurship driven by principles of education and innovation. Students and teachers across the school engage in programs, research, and projects that promote foundational business and leadership skills while developing new capacities that the 21st century creative demands of the world. All activities by the School Management Committee.